Shop for the Perfect Dress for the Mother of the Bride

As a mother of a bride-to-be, you are expected to help your daughter in planning her wedding just as your mother helped you during your wedding preparation days. However, things like “What am I going to wear?” and “So many people are going to be looking at me too.” might come into your mind.

Here are some guidelines in finding and buying your mother of the bride dress:

  • Discuss with your daughter what color motif she wants to have for her wedding.
  • Ask her if she prefers to have the color of your dress to go together with her wedding color or be the same as the motif. For example, if your daughter wants red as the theme, the colors that complement red are maroon, burgundy, dark pink, lilac and purple. If the dress should match with the color theme, it would be much harder since your dress will be made from a different dye and material so better not stick to that idea.
  • As the mother of the bride, you have to choose the color after asking your daughter. You can also suggest to her to be more flexible with the colors like having two to three choices. Dresses for the mother of the bride are not made the same as that of the bridesmaid because the bridesmaids’ dresses are made long before the occasion. It is therefore necessary to shop for the mother of the bride dress and this would mean a nuisance and a terrible thing especially for those plus sized or living long distance away from shopping malls.
  • Also consider the mother of the groom. If you are done deciding what you would be wearing and what color it is, inform her. She will definitely be pleased since she is also having the same problem as to what dress to wear for the occasion.
  • Shop as early as you can. It is important to find your own dress. Remember that you are looking for a particular style that has the same color and size that you want your dress to have. Afterwards, you still have to bring it to a good tailor to make it fit you better. After that, there are still the accessories to purchase like the shoes and jewelries.
  • Go to bridal dress shops or department stores first. You can have a first glance on the available dresses and the type and quality of the fabrics they have. You can also try shopping online. It is much easier to shop online and they can give you good wedding dress ideas as what you would want to wear during your daughter’s wedding.
  • Always take care of yourself during the stressful time of wedding preparations because you should also look good during the wedding day.

If you have the found the perfect mother of the bride dress, give yourself a pat on the back and relax yourself as your daughter’s wedding day comes forward.

If you are a bride who happens to be reading, be sure to take out extra time to spend with mom and help her deal with her stresses too as you both prepare for a very big day in your lives.

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