Sister of the Bride Dresses: What the Bride’s Sister and Other Guests Should Wear

One of the most memorable occasions for families and close friends is a wedding. The event, which starts from the wedding ceremony until the wedding reception, is highly anticipated by many. Essentially, dressing up for the occasion is very important. From the wedding gown, to the entourage dresses, down to the sister of the bride dresses, everybody has to be well dressed for the occasion, even the guests.

Choosing the right attire for the occasion is relatively very easy. Men can easily grab their coat and tie, while women can simply have their cocktail dress. However, the wedding guests can actually get some ideas on what they can wear just by carefully studying the invitation. Although by tradition, weddings should be formal and attires of the guests should coordinate with the formality of the occasion, there are newer wedding trends these days such as destination weddings, theme weddings, or multi cultural weddings.

For the bride, choosing her sister’s dress is one thing she must be wary. But for wedding guests, you can easily come up with your own attire depending on the guest attire description a wedding invitation states. So what are the types of wedding attire a wedding guest must understand?

  • First is the casual wedding attire. This is the least restrictive types of a wedding attire category. These types include attires that is in a good, wearable condition. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a pair of jeans is enough. Instead, men can wear their favorite pair of cargo pants or khakis with a decent shirt, while women can put on a cotton skirt, casual pants and flat shoes.
  • Another trend these days are the dressy casual wedding attires. These include a button down shirt with an optional tie and a pair of slacks for men, and a pair of formal pants and nice blouse for women. Dresses and skirts may also be great options. Furthermore, semi formal wedding attire requires the guys to wear interchangeable suits. Women can wear a shorter cocktail dress complete with a handbag and a pair of jewelry, with a nice pair of high heel shoe.
  • Finally, black tie or formal attires are for very formal weddings. Men are to wear their favorite tuxedo and women should put on their long gowns, normally floor length. Since most formal affairs are held at night, guests are expected to wear darker colors and accessories.

Similar in choosing sister of the bride dresses, wedding guests should wear the right attire accordingly. Depending on the motif, the theme, and the preference of the bride and groom, guests should take full responsibility on choosing the right attire for the wedding.

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