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It is the most important day of a girl’s life—her wedding day.  This day is all about the bride.  This day is all about the bride’s beautiful gown.  This day is also about the next most important female—the mother of the bride.  She, too, must look beautiful because her role has been the major planner behind this special day.  At least in many cases.  But there is another female whose presence is very important and that’s the mother of the groom.

The mother of the groom also plays an important part in the wedding.  The mother of the groom must walk a fine line in helping with the planning of the wedding without overstepping her bounds.  That is sometimes hard to do.  But one thing the mother of the groom can do is look spectacular in her mother of the groom dress.

So what is the difference in the mother of the groom gowns and mother of the bride dresses?  There isn’t a whole lot of difference when it comes to price and style.  But it is important that the mother of the groom follow the lead of the mother of the bride.  Dresses for the grooms mother are numerous and affordable and of course exquisite.

One advantage of dresses for mother of the groom is that she is not boxed into a corner as far as color is concerned.  The bride’s mother usually wants to make sure she doesn’t clash with the bride’s dress or the attendants’ dresses.  The bride’s mother doesn’t want to upstage any of the girls in the wedding party, but she does want to look her best.

The groom’s mother is not quite so much in the spotlight as the bride’s mother, so she has a little more leeway when it comes to choosing a dress.  She is not bound quite so much by style or color as the bride’s mother.  The mother of the groom should certainly not try to upstage any of the wedding party either, nor should she steal the spotlight from the bride’s mother.

But let’s talk about fashion for dresses for the mother of the groom – and what is “in” these days for the very important lady who happens to be the groom’s mother.  Here are some thoughts on finding the right wedding outfit. The ever popular strapless dress or gown is perfect for ladies who have the right body type for them.    Remember don’t go for popular if it doesn’t flatter your figure.

If you want to wear strapless you can always put a jacket over it to give you some cover or to just make you feel a little more confident.  It is also a good idea to have a jacket or covering anyway because many venues have cooler temperatures.    A shawl is another accessory for a strapless dress that can be really dressy.  It is light, yet it does give coverage for bare shoulders.

Halter dresses are quite fashionable and look good on so many women.  They pull the eye to the top, so if you have an ample downstairs, it is not quite as noticeable.  Dresses with spaghetti straps are also love for the mother of the groom.  These too can be worn with jackets or shawls.

There is also the choice of dress length.  That may depend on the type of wedding it is.  A more formal wedding may require a full length dress, whereas a casual style wedding might warrant a street length dress.  If you go for the street length there is the advantage of  probably getting more wear out of it since it can be worn to other weddings or other functions.

Material is another decision the mother of the groom must make.  Any dress made from satin is certainly a standout.  The always flowing chiffon is so elegant looking and figure flattering.  Combine the two and you have a knockout dress for any special occasion.  Taffeta is another popular choice and it too has a look of elegance along with eye popping beauty.

It is now on to color.  There seems to be no rules placed on color except that it must be a color right for you.  There is so much to choose from and it will be a difficult choice once you see all the rich shades of color on display.  Dresses used to come in mainly pastels, but have those days ever changed.  Of course, pastels are still around, but there are also so gorgeous earth tones.  These lighter shades are quite flattering especially if you have a paler skin tone.  They do help to perk you up tremendously.

On the pastel scene are light blues, pinks, plums, and pale yellows.  The richer tones are hot pink, red, purple, royal blue, turquoise, browns, and blacks.  The last two colors have become tremendously popular.  Black is a classic and who doesn’t look good in black.  Just when you thought gray was the new black, then it came on the scene again and regained its classic status.  Brown has become a fall classic.  It is often seen at weddings in the months of October and November.  Browns luscious tones of chocolate and reddish shades are classics as well and will probably be on the wedding scene for a long time.

Then there is the all important price of the mother of the groom dress.  If you have lots of money, then you can buy any dress your heart so desires.  But for most of us, price is something we have to think about when choosing a dress for a special occasion such as a wedding.  Fortunately, there are lots of moderately priced dresses and even some very low priced dresses.  And these dresses are not cheap looking.  They look like you have have spent a fortune.

Many mothers have a few months anyway to begin choosing a dress, so you can browse and hopefully you’ll run across a great dress at a great price.  You can also go online and get some incredible deals.  One site has spectacular dresses for $200 and lower.  There are also some dresses priced less than $100.  I bought my  dress for $35 at Macy’s, which is another great place to shop.  They have some amazing dresses sometimes at rock bottom prices.

Congratulations.  You will soon have a new member of the family.  So on that very special day look your absolute best in your mother of the groom dress.

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